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Carpet & Rug Cleaners

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Restaurant
Restaurant carpeting presents unique cleaning challenges, including oil, grease, and food residues.

ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo's technicians are trained and equipped with the professional tools, cleaning products, and processes to overcome these challenges and give you the results you expect.

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ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo's Carpet Cleaning Quality Distinction

The most important difference in our carpet cleaning process, versus some of our competition, is in how thoroughly the cleaning agent (and the soil) is rinsed from the carpet.

  • In our first step the cleaning agent is applied to the carpet and allowed an approximate ten-minute dwell time, in order to give the cleaning agent time to break down and loosen the soil.

  • This step is followed by rinse-extracting the carpet with CLEAR, SOFTENED, hot water.

This second step, the clear-water rinse, leaves the carpeting relatively free of any cleaning agent. This may seem ordinary, but several companies rinse-extract carpet with a water and detergent mixture, in a one step process. No "Clear-water rinse" is performed.

Clear-water extraction yields carpeting that will not re-soil as quickly and will retain its clean appearance longer. Cleaning agent residue left in the carpet can cause accelerated re-soiling, matting, and wear on the fibers. By offering a process that takes a little extra time to accomplish, we hope to add value to your carpet cleaning dollar!

ordinary tasks. extraordinary service.

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