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the Ultimate Home Journal
the Ultimate Home Journal
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REFERRALS EQUAL SUCCESS FOR EVERY BUSINESS! Looking to build your referral business, while keeping costs down? Repetition is the key to learning creating top of mind awareness is the key to success. Every business ebbs and flows. But long-term business owners understand the value of word of mouth advertising, and repeat and referral business. Keeping your name in front of clients and potential clients is critical in maintaining and growing your level of business. Many client gifts fall into the category of advertising specialties or premiums some are ultra customized for the individual, while others are standard to reach the masses. Whether it is a refrigerator magnet, pen or some other marketing tool, the hope is that a recipient will make that gift part of their daily life and keep it as a continual memento of your good intentions. Unfortunately, too many giveaways are considered trinkets and wind up buried in the back of a drawer, tagged 10 cents at a garage sale, or worse yet, thrown away. Until now! Equation Marketing is a professional marketing firm, and a leader in introducing some of the most innovative and effective referral tools in the industry. "The right retention tool can literally generate enough business to pay for itself 100 times over", states Mikel Erdman, owner and CEO of Equation Marketing. "Finding the one that works for you can be difficult, but when you do, hold onto it and don't let go!" Recently Equation Marketing introduced its new referral tool, the Ultimate Home Journal. While simple in nature, they were designed for the home owner to use on a daily and/or regular basis. It's this use that is important in both retention value and repetitive exposure. At a recent National Association of Realtors Convention in Orlando, Florida, Equation Marketing received two "Best at Show" awards. With over 500 vendors, products and services to choose from, the simplicity and innovation of the Ultimate Home Journal were enough to warrant the top honors, as voted on by real estate professionals throughout the country. "We were very proud to receive such honors at our first showing", says Mr. Erdman. "The response we received was outstanding. We sold more than 60% of our entire stock in four days." Now is the perfect time to order your Ultimate Home Journals. To receive special pricing, go to .
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