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Video Production Services

Professional video and post-productions services
Professional video and post-productions services
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We are offering full service HD video production services for SBC members. This special package will include two HD broadcast quality cameras, basic video lighting kit, audio package, camera operators, producer and video editing for any awards program, special event, music video, training video, red carpet event, concert, website video or reality show sizzle reel that is being produced within the Metro-Atlanta area.


The event or project must not exceed 8 hours and is based on an eight hour production day. We must have at least two (2) scheduled breaks within the eight hour period for our production crew.


Client must provide catering for the production crew, the venue, adequate power, location releases and all on camera talent.


The client must provide to the production company with the name, address and location of the venue, contact info for the venue, a written script or outline of the production at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled production date.


Upon completion of the event, the production company will deliver to the client a complete edited master copy of the event and or production within seven (7) business days after the event.


The client must grant the producer and or production company with written permission to use any or all portions of the event and or project including photos and audio for promotional purposes.


The production company will provide to the client the exclusive rights to the final edited production to be used in any and all media. Production credit must be given to Maximum Video Productions/Hollywood TV Producers.


Should the client exceed an eight hour production day for any reason, all additional production will be charged to the client at the rate of $500 dollars per hour starting immediately after 15 minutes into the 9th hour. So for example, if the shoot is scheduled for 12pm, the wrap time should be no later than 8pm. At 8:15pm overtime will begin and will continue up to the 10th.

With this package, we will not work past 10 hours in any given production day.


All overtime payments must be approved by the onsite producer in advance of any further production.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact Bill Nelson.


We look forward to making your vision, our vision!




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